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State Licensed PDR Training

Cheap Training Can Be The Most Expensive

The Ding King provides ‘State Licensed PDR Training’.

With more and more customers using the internet to conduct their research on what Paintless Dent Repair Training School to attend, there seems to be a few ‘burnt-out’ dent technicians offering real inexpensive or what we call “cheap” training. Don’t fall prey to those trying to cash in on some unsuspecting customer by offering PDR Training as an afterthought by allowing you to”work at an auto auction on lots of makes and models” while he does the repairs. The expression BUYER BEWARE has never meant so much!

Most people don’t seek out the cheapest doctor, cheapest accountant, cheapest attorney, cheapest anything. Cheap can be very costly, especially when we’re talking about your career and livelihood in the paintless dent repair business!

Ding King State Licensed PDR Training

The Ding King is not the cheapest PDR Training nor are we the most expensive. Our PDR Training Classes are “ALL-INCLUSIVE,” are the other guys? Our Program includes: Certified Hands-on Dent Training, the Finest PDR Tools, Lighting Systems for indoors and outdoors, Glue Puller Kits, Deluxe PDR Accessory Packages, Business Marketing, Advertising and Estimating Classes, Technical Support, along with round trip airfare, 4 star hotel accommodations, breakfast buffet daily, airport shuttle service and ground transportation.

Free Airfare with PDR Training    4 Star Hotel Included with Paintless Dent Repair PDR Training Classes   PDR Business Training and PDR Marketing Classes   Website Design Staff Can Help You Build Your New Business

What we offer is the highest quality Certified PDR Training and PDR Tools in the industry, which is why we’ve trained State Farm Insurance for hail repair, consulted and helped to develop the used car reconditioning standards for Toyota Certified Used Vehicles ‘TCUV’ and have PDR Tool distribution nationwide with Snap-on for our proprietary line of PDR Tools.

Door Braces Exposed - Access Made Easy

Door Braces Exposed – Access Made Easy

Certified PDR Training

1 on 1 Certified PDR Training

Our customers are seeking the best tools and best training, PERIOD. They truly desire to become a real professional earning a great living as a dent or hail technician. They want to be the best at what they do. Don’t settle for less! The Ding King will deliver and exceed your every expectation. Compare our prices and our quality and we’re confident you’ll see we’re the obvious choice to gain your Paintless Dent Repair education.

We’re so confident you’ll see the Ding King Difference that we’ll fly you out before training and if it isn’t everything you had hoped, you can fly home on our dime, no questions asked! We are that CONFIDENT!

Every Paintless Dent Repair Training class is “100% Guaranteed To Exceed Your Expectations!” Those aren’t just words, we put it in writing and are committed to making sure you get way you pay for; the best training and the highest quality dent removal tools, bar none. We’ve combined the proper balance of classroom, hands-on training and real-world experience working on lots of different vehicles to ensure your success. And when you’re not training, there’s lots of fun things to do.

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