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If you are only posting photos from your collision repair business, then you are missing the boat. Of course, posting auto related information on your social sites, before and after photos, cool new cars and more is fine, but if that is all you are doing then you need to regroup.

The millennials lifeline seems to be their smartphones where they will spend three to four hours per day, if not more, on social media, texting and searching for items to buy or services to be had. They positively react to having their tweets or other pin shared with others and so you must do this to gain their social love. If you do this consistently they will be yours. Once you quit, so then will they quit.

Trust is everything, without it you cannot succeed. You need to dig deep and find the causes they are most interested in and support them. Add these sites click through buttons onto your website. Don’t be phony about it though, they can sniff out phony like none other. Gain their trust and you gain the thousands of their best friends trust.

Focusing your marketing efforts towards Generation Y will have no choice but to succeed. It’s simply a question of understanding the demand and meeting them. Once again, change is at our doorsteps, any denial of this fact will cause you and your business to be left behind. If you are lucky, you may be entering the collision industry as a Generation Y which will then make this much easier. This will all seem natural and expected, while the rest of us may look at it as a bit of a challenge.

Nothing is impossible, it just takes a bit of adjusting not just your attitude but your processes for reaching out to the public.

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