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On the same but opposite side of that spectrum, if these millenials have a bad experience, they will have no problem with letting ALL of their friends know and at warp speed. Your business could take a huge hit with just one sour tweet. As a matter of fact, imagine how you hear the word viral on the news all of the time, this is you crashing and burning because you have gone viral. Not good.

Instant communication, engagement and participation are fast enough for these young people. Studies have shown that seven out of 10 millennials feel a sense of duty to share feedback about companies they’ve done business with, good or bad. Are you ready for that? Are you taking advantage of that?

If you can increase millennials’ engagement with your social media sites, get them to follow you, like you, add you to their Google+ circles and talk about their experience with you, you win. If you can get them to continually engage with your social media sites, that’s a bonus. But that means you must regularly post things of interest and seek participation in the conversation.

You must not be an interruption in millennials’ daily online lives. You must be what they’re interested in or they won’t care. As a 24-year-old female told us, “Your brand is either working with me, or you’re working against me.”

Engaging with the millennials is what will make the difference. They don’t want you promoting yourself to them, they could care less. What they want is for you to make them feel important. Keep in mind, this generation got trophies simply for participating on their soccer teams, not necessarily for achievement. They want to feel that you are working as a team and on their behalf.

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