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Paintless Dent Repair Training School Curriculum

Paintless Dent Repair Training School Curriculum

The PDR 40 (1 Week) Course Curriculum for Paintless Dent Repair Training is the most comprehensive paintless dent repair training school curriculum class taught and packed with all the necessary foundation building exercises to teach you all facets of PDR in the shortest amount of time possible.  Students graduating from our PDR Training course should expect to continue practicing their newly learned skills until they achieve the speed and proficiency desired.

Graduates of the PDR 40 Training Program will have the knowledge to properly access and remove a variety of damage, including hail repair. While the prerequisite for this course is good vision and the desire to succeed, it is recommended you have no serious back injuries as you will be bending up, down and all around. Remember, “Practice makes perfect” so be sure to continue practicing your newly learned skills when you get home.

Paintless Dent Repair Training School Curriculum

Day 1 – PDR Student Classroom Instruction

School Curriculum for our 1 Week PDR 40 Programs:

  •     Introduction to PDR and explanation of different styles of dents
  •     Orientation and demonstration of the Paintless Dent Repair process
  •     Explanation of damage theory and description of metal characteristics
  •     How to properly read the dent light and the proper use of the reflective lined board
  •     Tool location exercises on practice panels
  •     High point recognition and techniques for removing them with hammer and tap down
  •     Removal of small lows
  •     Begin to remove quarter size dents on practice panels both under braces and in the open
  •     Removal medium size dents
  •     Perfecting small and medium size damage
  •     Begin to remove deeper and larger sized dents
  •     Perfecting deeper and larger size damage
  •     Techniques for removing creased dents, body line damage, pressure dents and hail damage
  •     Review all access points for all panels of the vehicle to insure a “drill-free” technique
  •     Work on all panels of vehicles on a variety of different type of dents
  •     Continue hands-on for access with emphasis on side panels
  •     Proper tool selection for a variety of damage
  •     Access lessons continued for hail with emphasis on headliners and interior trim
  •     Finishing techniques including the removal of micro lows and color sanding
  •     Glue pulling techniques for double metal damage and ways to access these areas
  •     Estimating, advertising, marketing and techniques for building a dealer and retail business
  •     Hail Chasers Pricing and Estimating Guide

The PDR 80 (2 Week) Course Curriculum is designed for individuals who have an extra week to develop their newly learned skills with the supervision of their instructor.  Benefits of this program include increased speed, confidence and overall proficiency.  You’ll repair more severe damage and develop specific techniques for repairing more challenging dents.

Brace Access Thoroughly Reviewed

Brace Access Thoroughly Reviewed

Students Working PDR Relector Boards Outside

Students Working PDR Reflector Boards Outside

Our PDR 80 training course is extremely beneficial for any individual who has no prior automotive experience. Expect your speed and confidence to dramatically increase during this second week of PDR Training. The objective of this course is to provide an on-going lesson plan which will assist in the reduction of time needed to practice when you get home. While it doesn’t eliminate the need to practice, it will shorten your learning curve dramatically and provide you with the foundation to repair dents faster. The main benefit on these programs is the length of time you get to spend repairing dents side by side with your instructor. You’ll repair more severe types of damage and train on many makes and models which will help you to develop specific techniques for removing more challenging dents.

School Curriculum for our 2 Week PDR 80 Programs:

  •     Continue perfecting your techniques
  •     Continue to develop speed and quality for all types of repairs
  •     Continue to work on advance access and tool selection
  •     Stretched dents
  •     Body line damage
  •     Hail dents
  •     Color sanding & polishing
  •     PDR practice exercises
  •     Advanced reflector board exercises in direct sunlight
  •     Cross checking techniques
  •     Advance glue pulling exercises using the slide hammer and dent lifter
PDR Dent Removal Training

1-on-1 Advanced PDR Training

Paintless Dent Repair Removal Training

Advanced PDR Training Over The Shoulder

Advanced Training Is Free For All Ding King Graduates

All Ding King graduates may come back anytime they like to learn advanced training techniques for repairing severe creases, deep body line damage, badly stretched metal or severe hail damage.


PDR school topics covered in our Advanced PDR Training Program are:

  •     Large Dents
  •     Body line Damage
  •     Sharp Dings
  •     Stretched Dents
  •     Severe Hail
  •     Vertical and Horizontal Creases
  •     Accuracy Techniques
  •     Methods for Improving Speed & Quality

Free Refresher Courses

We offer free refresher courses to all or our past students seeking to “brush up” on their current skills. This is an excellent opportunity to check out what new technological advancements have been made in our tool department that might make your job that much easier. During any refresher course at The Ding King’s PDR school, we’ll determine your areas needing improvement and will create a specific plan of attack to dramatically improve your skills.

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