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 PDR Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the PDR Frequently Asked Questions. Contact us directly if you have any other questions about the paintless dent repair and auto appearance industry.

PDR Frequently Asked QuestionsQ. What’s the difference between The Ding King and other businesses in the industry?
A. We have 20 years experience in teaching others the auto appearance business. We have experience operating retail stores, experience in operating auto reconditioning one-stop-shops servicing 25 cars per day, managing fleets of mobile operators and have led the industry with certification, licensing and business development. On top of that, our R & D and customer service departments are always available to provide the necessary support. Simply put, Ding King delivers! We help you to succeed!

Q. Does The Ding King have a program to help new students with business development?
A. Absolutely! We have a Business Development Manual with six separate sections detailing the following topics: Small Business Ownership, Setting Up Your New Business, Your Business Plan, Managing Your Business, Advertising & Marketing and Record Keeping & Accounting.  It is protected by copyright laws and is only available to Ding King graduates. Additionally, every student may receive consulting and personal coaching from the President and Founder of The Ding King.

Q. Where are your paintless dent repair training centers and auto appearance schools located?
A. We are located in California, Missouri, Florida and Michigan. Each of our paintless dent repair training schools have plenty of cars to work on and feature new paintless dent repair tools for you to use while receiving your PDR training. While attending school for alloy wheel repair, paint touch-up or scuffed bumper repair training, you’ll find each location to feature state-of-the-art dedicated sections designed for hands-on training. Additionally, each school features customer lounges, kitchen areas, free long distance phones to call home and internet connection all so you can learn in comfort.

Q. What type of re-supply program do you offer?
A. We have over a quarter of million dollars of inventory including all auto reconditioning supplies, paintless dent repair tools and accessories, as well as all paint and chemicals for windshield repair, interior repair, alloy wheel repair and paint repair. Our PDR tool room is a showroom for new tools for next years model cars. We offer a low price guarantee and all students receive special pricing 365 days of the year.

Q. Why do you include disclosure documents with your information package?
A. State laws that govern business opportunities require us to be registered and fully compliant. In order for any company to sell a business opportunity, it must be registered to do so. The Ding King Training Institute is fully compliant and therefore will include the required disclosure documents outlining course descriptions and costs, as well as required financials. Any company not supplying a disclosure document who is selling goods or services exceeding $500 is operating illegally and you as a consumer have less recourse in the event that company does not deliver as promised.

Q. What does Ding King’s business model consist of?
A. The Ding King has different entities focusing on all aspects of the auto appearance business ranging from operating: a collision center, running an auto appearance retail storefront, managing mobile service technicians, own and operate the World’s Finest State Licensed Schools in California, Missouri, Florida and Michigan; and to top it all off, we also manufacture and distribute the finest paintless dent repair tools in the PDR industry. This diverse experience allows us to not only meet the demands of our customers, but allows us to stay on the cutting edge of the industry.

Q. Does you paint repair systems allow for work to be performed in cold weather?
A. Yes. Operating in cold weather is a function of having the correct chemicals and equipment to operate in less than desirable temperatures. Owning schools in Michigan and in Missouri, we know about cold winter months and specialize in teaching you the techniques you must be familiar with. With schools in California and Florida, you’ll learn how to operate in extreme heat and humid temperatures. Either way, The Ding King will supply you with the training necessary, proper chemicals and equipment to get the job done.

Q. How much money can I earn?
A. That is a question only you can answer. If you possess strong customer service skills and are great at talking with people, it stands to reason generating business will be easier for you than for that of a person who is timid and uptight about business development. Another factor in earnings potential is how quick you are at performing repairs. It would be unethical for anyone to make an earnings claim so do your research and choose a company that will provide the required training.

Q. Do you offer any type of financing for equipment and training?
A. You bet! The Ding King Training Institute, Inc. is licensed with all required regulatory agencies and therefore has a special program directly with several student loan lenders. Co-signers are welcome and loans may be deferred with no payments due for the first 12 months in business. Additionally, you may apply for extra money to help with start-up expenses and salaries.We have a new guaranteed financing program which allows for customers with less than perfect credit receive a guaranteed approval. Also, customers with excellent credit will receive a preferred interest rate and special loan terms.

Q. What is the student to instructor ratio for your paintless dent repair training classes?
A. Our PDR Training classes are conducted with a maximum of 4 students per instructor with most classes having just 2 students with an instructor.  If you prefer, we can arrange for your training to be conducted “One-On-One”.

Q. When does training start?
 A. Our training programs commence each Monday, 52 weeks per year at all of 4 of our campuses.

Q. What type of support do you offer upon completion of training?
A. Support is the what has helped us to become the leader in the industry, and our customer’s successful in the field.  Support is provided 24/7 via our Toll Free 800 Line, Email or Website Forums.

Q. Do you offer on-site training?
A. Yes, for businesses that require on-site training, we can arrange for our instructor to travel to your hometown.

Q. Will I be working on actual vehicles during training?
A. Absolutely!  There’s nothing like real life scenarios to learn access and flex strengths of different metals of the different car manufacturers. Whether you’re in a paint or wheel class or learning any of our add-on profit centers, you’ll always be working on cars.

Q. How much competition is there for PDR?
A. There are technicians in most major city who perform PDR. Check out your local yellow pages to determine how much competition there is in your town.

Q. What type of demand is there for PDR?
A. There are millions of automobiles and trucks on the road getting dinged and dented daily.  Auto dealers, body shops, detail shops, auto auctions, rental car fleets and the retail public are all potential customers.

Q. What type of financing do you offer?
A. We offer Sallie Mae Financial Low Interest Loans specially designed for Ding King students. Additionally, we accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards.

Q: How long does it take to remove a dent?
A: The average repair time ranges from 5-45 minutes depending upon your skill level and severity of damage.

Q: What are the average charges for PDR?
A: The average charges range from $100 and up for retail work, to $50-$75 for wholesale work.

Q: What is paintless dent repair?
A: Paintless dent repair, also referred to as PDR, is a process for repairing dings, dents, and other types of damage from the sheet metal of a vehicle. The PDR process will allow properly trained and skilled technicians to manipulate the damaged area to its original factory finish. All without use of traditional body shop techniques which utilize filers, sanding and painting.

Q: How does the PDR process work?
A:The Ding King manufactures specially designed tools which allow knowledgeable technicians to access the dented panel. Once access has been achieved, the damaged area is repaired by massaging and manipulating the metal until the desired outcome has been achieved.

Q: What types of damage can be repaired using the PDR process?
A: Most all types of door dings, dents and hail damage can be repaired quickly and professionally. Typically, if the paint has been damaged and the dent is deep or creased or on a bodyline, those types of dents can be repaired but require a visual inspection by a trained professional.

Q: Will the PDR process damage my factory finish finish?
A: Generally not, however, if you seek an unqualified technician who does not possess the necessary experience, damage in the form of cracked paint and high points can occur.

Q: What is the cost of PDR versus that of traditional body shops?
A: Average charges across the United States for a panel to be repaired ranges from $50-150, depending upon severity of the damage. Body shops typically would charge $300-400 and would have to grind, use body fillers and paint the damaged area. Using PDR not only saves the consumer time and money, it also is ECO Friendly.

Q: Can you repair paint damage?
A: Our Paint Repair Systems are easy to use, simple to mix and deliver fast-drying high-performance finishes, making every job look like new. This includes spot, panel and overall touch up repairs to solid, metallic and pearlescent automotive finishes

Q: Will the repair match my original color from the vehicle manufacturer?
A: Our database contains over 200,000 mixing formulas, giving access to more than 100,000 colors. It even provides variants of the requested color for badly oxidized or aging paint.

Q: How do you fix damaged and curb rashed alloy wheels?
A: Scuffed, scraped and curb rashed alloy wheels can be professionally and permanently repaired utilizing The Ding King’s BRAND NEW proprietary Alloy Wheel Refinishing System. It utilizes state-of-the-art technology which will allow wheels to be repaired using a process similar to paint repair in less than thirty minutes, with the wheel on the car.


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