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Body shop owners need to understand that there is no teaching program that will turn out seasoned auto body technicians. The only way that this is accomplished is by having the opportunity to work in a body shop or as a technician. The trick is to ensure that these students are learning from an instructor who is willing to engage with their students and teach the correct way of doing the work from the beginning.

Now speaking on behalf of the instructors, when these high school vocational classes are offered, the instructor has their hands tied by the compliance issues that come with government funding. The only way to loosen the nonsensical death grip is to get on the vocational advisory board. Don’t let the qualified instructors become disillusioned. You can make a difference and the changes necessary to advance the education process for the youth and instructors. Bottom line is this, you cannot change things from the outside. Sitting around complaining won’t get the job done, you need to get inside before you will see changes to the program.

Fortunately, here at The Ding King Training Institute, we offer these fresh out of high school, and anyone else who wants to learn the trade, the opportunity to take their passion for the collision industry and turn it into a full-time professional career as a Paintless Dent Repair Technician. Come join our highly skilled and professional instructors and their courses offered, and turn your passion into a profitable entrepreneurial career. See you soon.

For sure, our industry needs new technicians. Rather than trying to teach a kid with a degree in English or a history of flipping burgers to hang a fender, hire a kid who graduated from a vo-tech program in auto body. Want the best kids? Get on the advisory board and meet them.

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