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Hood Stand Day 1 PDR Training

The processes being used as our industry grows, such as aluminum and more, require an invested collision repair leader to instruct our youth on the minute by minute changes and the excitement that surrounds them. They need to be taught where they fit into these industry changes and that their yearning to create the next greatest software or hardware discoveries could be useful to our industry as well. We may need to enter their realm of interest through the side door by tickling their technological interests with solutions. They can get their hands dirty and bring computer technology with them.

Next will be to change the narrow mindedness of shop owners who won’t give a young student the chance to get their bearings within the industry. As it sits, shop owners are not at all impressed with the lack of training, even on a high school level, that these students are bringing to their shop. In most cases, the most that these students have learned is how to destroy a vehicle for the fixing but not actually having any hands on experience on how to fix it. All of the learning is lecture based instead of hands-on.

Most of these students lose interest quickly, and if you look at the statistics you will see that out of 20 attendees at the beginning of the classes, only end with less than a handful. There is something wrong with these statistics and only we can change what is wrong. If you want to protect the industry and its potential growth, then you will have to find ways to positively affect our youth.

Add to all of these issues the lack of respect these young adults have for their superiors, poor skill set and overall poor attitude, it’s no wonder the body shop owners won’t hire them. Most likely, these young adults never even graduated from the class. They aren’t a part of the five who did. True graduation requires regular testing of skill sets, consistent attendance and realistic expectations.

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