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My purpose for taking this walk through history is to shed light on how some of the most basic of vocations, collision repair, is losing its luster to our youth. Gone are the days of greasy hands and physical labor and here in its stead are the worries of getting a hangnail or blisters caused by holding the control pad too hard on gaming devices. This comparison is not at all meant to be funny but just simply is the state of our youth.

In our society, as it applies to collision repair, the only way that we are going to bring back the pride in this industry is by changing from within. Our attitudes and how we view this ever changing industry need improve. In addition, we need to focus some of our expert attention on the Instructors that are teaching these skills to our youth in high school. Just because a person has done collision repair doesn’t mean they are any good at it. Our instructors need to be held to a higher level of technical expectations. The true pros need to put together a check and balance system for the hiring of these instructors. This may require that you and others get on the board that makes these decisions.

As it is right now, an instructor doesn’t have a stringent set of qualification processes that should be standard. Many of our Vocational Instructors in the high school environment are simply collecting their Government Funding paycheck instead of feeling and teaching passion. How can the future of our industry flourish if the industry is being slighted by the teachings of an uninterested instructor?


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