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When a high school student signs up for a course in their potential career choice, it should be exciting and informative. By the end of such a course, the hope is that the vo-tech class has given the student a true snapshot of what their lives would be like in that vocation and should also serve as an opportunity to see if they are both any good at it and if this career option can sustain them and their future families, if they should decide to have one.

The problem is that collision repair has become less interesting to our youth who are determined to become the new Steve Jobs of their time. There of course is absolutely nothing wrong with these ambitions. These days I think that most adults are happy that they have ambitions at all in a time of nationwide crimes and disappointments. I’m not trying to cast a disparaging light on our youth, but like you, I worry about not only their goals but also the lack of responsible role models in a morally declining society. Never before in our history has there been such a high rate of fatalities at the hands of our role models and youth alike. Except of course as it relates to Al Capone and the mob bosses during our countries Prohibition Era followed only by the Great Depression. During the early 1920’s to the end of World War II.

Respect for life was questionable at best and people of all races, religious beliefs and financial classes were murdered out of either an elimination process directed by the mob bosses or because of the lack of basic needs to survive. Now we live in a world of a different type of gangster but again coming from all walks of life. The respect for life is driven more by the sensationalism that our TV programs offer to our growing youth as well as the sensationalism that surrounds our mentally troubled responsible for multiple deaths and the never ending coverage within the news media.

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