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Learn To Repair Hail Damage

Achieve Success by Learning PDR with Ding King

With all major insurance companies now recognizing Paintless Dent Repair as an acceptable form of repair for hail damage, body shops across the country are quickly capitalizing on the addition of this new profit center. In lieu of repairing hail damage the traditional way, shop owners were subbing out their profits to Paintless Dent Repair technicians specializing in hail repair. Today, they are internalizing the PDR process by learning how to do PDR themselves and adding some PDR Tools to the shop.


Hail Damaged Cars Create Big Profits for Dent Tech's

Not only is PDR accepted by insurance companies…..it’s the preferred method of repair and estimates are now written using PDR to repair hail damaged cars.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about adding Paintless Dent Repair to your body shop and how our specialized PDR Tools and specialized Paintless Dent Repair Training can make your shop more profitable!

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