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No one enjoys negative feedback when it comes to life changing decisions. Especially those that involve venturing out into the  entrepreneurial field. The way that our economy has fluctuated it’s hard to know when you have found a sure thing or even if there is a sure thing out there. When making the decision to start your own business, you need to be prepared for the overwhelming onslaught  of insults and negativity. Some will be directed towards you out of love, like from your parents and/or siblings, and others will come from your closest friends who either laugh at you or just come out and say that you’re such a fool. The negative comments you receive will come in many forms and you will need to know what to do to overcome them and not react to them. Following are a few ideas to help you:

1.  Your attitude is going to have to change drastically. How you receive these negative comments will set the pace for your success. There are many examples of success beyond harassment such as Columbus, Edison, or even Steve Jobs. People laughed at them openly and yet it just caused them to work harder. If you internalize all of the negative then you will fail, I guarantee it.

2.  When it comes to your family, you will have to find a way to toughen up and get somewhat thick skinned, especially if you are asking for financial support. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a visionary and hopefully your parents will support that. If however, you’ve tried and failed at many ideas, this may be a tough sell. Keep calm and respect them regardless of their thoughts. Most important is not to respond negatively.

3.  As it applies to your friends, you may have to make some serious choices and separate yourself from toxic influences. This will be the hardest but if you are set on your business choice then you may have no choice.

I will break these down further in future posts. For now, if you are planning on becoming a PDR Technician then please take a moment to visit “Ding King “. We can make your transition so much easier.


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This can happen, as a matter of fact, it quite often does. The very one’s that you thought would have your back are the one’s that threw on a great deal of doubt. You should know going in to share your entrepreneurial dreams that there is going to be some resistance. It’s not meant to hurt your feelings or anything. They worry about you and unfortunately will always see you as their little boy.

This becomes a big problem when you had hoped to borrow some money from them for your PDR Technology business. You need to put it in as plain and simple of words that you can possibly muster. Be straight and to the point. Don’t him haw or waist any time getting to the point. This gets their suspicions running high and red flags go off in their heads without ever having heard a word from you. Sit them down and explain that this is a solid business and that you aren’t having to convince people to do something they don’t want to do, like using a new laundry soap. Everybody has dents and in order to get a good resell value they will need to take some measures to make their vehicle more appealing.

Once they have gotten past their first obligatory concerns, the time is right to present and then wait. Let them know that this will need a small investment from them and that you would really appreciate their support. Don’t get overly excited, pace yourself, and use your poker face. You really don’t quite know what the answer is and if it happens to be a no go, you don’t want them to see you break down into tears. Now if it happens to be a yes you don’t want to do cartwheels in the living room.

Remember, your family is your family, no matter what they decided. If you haven’t spoken to them yet then you need to get in touch with “Ding King” and ask for your free catalog. This will go a long way in your presentation.


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When considering how much money you want to make; take a trip with me, if you will, back to when you were just a child. When you were playing around with other children or being tucked in at night with a book being read to you, did you say lofty things like “When I grow up, I want to be a millionaire”? Let’s think about that, over a lifetime is one million enough? What is a realistic amount of money to make over a sixty year career? Compare how much you are making now, multiply that by sixty years, is it as much as you thought? Will it carry you into retirement? If not, then you may need to reevaluate your situation.

You may need to evaluate how many hours a day and how many days per week you would need to work to achieve your goals. This would be a good time to evaluate if working for someone else will increase the probability of making that much money. Can you count on getting raises at a normal pace to keep you on track? Is your position secure? Or is there the possibility of layoffs? I think we all know that, in our recovering economy, there is no guarantee that your position won’t be eliminated or outsourced. It’s a scary thought and creates a new level of uncertainty. So much so that employees are turning on each other to gain favor with the employer. For the first time, it really is a dog eat dog world.

You can get ahead of this. Don’t let these thoughts paralyze you but instead, let them push you into the Great American Dream. The dream of becoming an Entrepreneur. At “Ding King”, we can help you position yourself for the greatest success, and get you so much closer to your own dreams. You will be in a place where you can decide how much you want to make and don’t have to worry about your job being eliminated or outsourced. Take control and give us a call or go online for a free catalog.





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Pricing your services is one of the keys to maintaining a healthy auto appearance repair business.  While every business wants to be competitive, you don’t want to price yourself out of the ballpark, nor out of business. Therefore, you should always consider all factors before developing a pricing proposal for any customer, particularly if you’re offering more than one service involving more than one technician.  Here are some things to consider:

1.  Keep It Simple:

Follow the simple formula below to help ensure that you walk away from the job with money in your pocket.

PRICING FORMULA: (Materials + Labor + Overhead + Desired Profit = Estimate for Customer)

2.  Keeping Track Of Your Material Costs:

Materials are all of the tangible products that go into completing a job. These can range from interior repair flocks to windshield resin and paint supplies. To keep track of the materials that go into a job, keep a written record of the cost for each item in a job file.

3.  Calculating Your Labor Costs

A variety of skills are involved in the Auto Appearance Repair business so be sure to calculate these skills and bill them out at different rates. For example, a qualified dent technician may bill a retail customer $150/hour while interior repair work may only be billable at $75/hour. When pricing a job, calculate your labor costs at the appropriate rate for each of the areas of expertise. A good way to determine an appropriate labor rate is to find out what other professionals in your area are charging. Remember, it may be tempting to discount your labor costs to meet or beat a competitor, but in the long run, most professionals find that sticking to their guns pays off.

4.  Overhead Expense

This is where many professionals go wrong. Doing business involves a variety of overhead costs, and good business people build their overhead into their price estimates. Vehicle expense, insurance, fuel, phone charges and supplies are all examples of overhead expense. Calculating your overhead may be a tedious task, but one that is very important for your bottom line profits. Your overhead expenses should be added into your overall labor costs.

5.  Making It Worth Your While

The last item to include into your project estimate is your desired profit. Most professionals agree that adding an additional 10% to 25% of your labor cost is a wise idea.  You got into your own business for the freedom and luxury of making more money, so be sure to build you and your family’s dreams into every job.

The above five tips are examples of how to price your work.  Individual jobs may require more materials, less labor, more overhead, or any combination of these.  Craftsmen like you are driven by the hands-on satisfaction of performing a quality job.  Remember this, there is nothing more satisfying than looking into the eyes and shaking the hand of a satisfied customer knowing you just delivered a quality job.  That can almost be as satisfying as getting paid!

For more information, please visit http://www.dingking.com

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Comments Off on TOTAL RECON: A Profitable Business with Low Overhead

I’ve assisted a lot of small business owners develop a one-stop-shop auto appearance business with The Ding King’s TOTAL RECON package and believe it to be one of the lowest overhead businesses available! Being able to operate on either a fixed or mobile basis certainly lends itself to having a low overhead. Top that with minimal supply usage and all the services being pure labor and it’s an exciting business opportunity.

Diversification, usually referred to in terms of an investment approach, is one of the benefits of offering customer a total reconditioning solution.  A good well balanced portfolio or in this case, a diversified offering of services and it will help you capture more business and capitalize on your different customers specific needs.

Paintless dent removal, paint repair, windshield repair, wheel refinishing, interior repair, odor removal and paint polishing are all specialized services that have their own unique market.  But they all fall under the heading of TOTAL RECON or auto appearance repair.  They also share many of the same qualities that make them profitable.  One main ingredient in there success to providing a good profit is the low overhead.   PDR for example cost very little to perform.  There is an initial investment of tools and training to acquire the skill, but after that you are selling your ability to perform the repair with little or no materials.  In other words, you are selling your labor!

Another contributing factor to the low overhead is where the services can be performed.  All of the above mentioned services can be done on a mobile basis.  This makes the need for shop space unnecessary.  Most often to find good usable space that fits a businesses needs and is in a good location to help pay for itself can be quite expensive. Total reconditioning can be done out of a small van or truck easily.

TOTAL RECON is also inexpensive to market. Simple yet effective marketing can quickly grow this business without the need for a large percentage of the budget going to advertising.

Last but not least, is the low cost to maintain equipment and supplies. Most the TOTAL RECON services use equipment that doesn’t where out and likewise is easily maintained.  This is unique to these services.  Usually a specialized service requires very expensive and specialized tools, or to keep up with technology, you have to repurchase equipment regularly.

All in all, TOTAL RECON is an attractive automotive business opportunity. Being able to be versatile and have a low operating cost make it a unique opportunity.

For more information, please visit http://www.dingking.com

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Over the past 15 years, many things in life have evolved; from the technological advancements in vehicle manufacturing, down to the state-of-the-art graphics in video games.  Over those years Paintless Dent Repair and the PDR training has also involved into a specialized field of expertise.  Below are just a few of the things that I’ve witnessed progress in.

Instructors Back in 1992 when I learned paintless dent repair, potential students were lucky to have a dent repair instructor with just one years worth of paintless dent removal experience.  Most who were teaching PDR were still learning how to take dings and dents out themselves!  So while I was learning the basics of the PDR process, many of the time saving PDR techniques and dent removal tools were either not refined or developed yet. Many students learning the art of paintless dent repair spent most of their first year in the PDR business just getting a “feel” for what they were doing.  The process was long and very challenging for the individual who wasn’t practicing dent repair each and every day. For some, it was a long road before they could consider themselves a qualified dent technician.

Today, Ding King’s paintless dent repair trainers are quality PDR technicians and certified dent removal instructors that have an arsenal of wealth and experience in all facets of paintless dent repair, ranging from typical door dings, hail damage, creased dents and larger pressure dents. Our experience will help develop new students more rapidly in comparing how things were done 15 years ago.  This allows those learning PDR today t not only have the basics down quicker, but also benefit from the instructors experiences in the field, making the instructor qualified to teach and the student more likely to pick up the techniques of PDR more efficiently.

The Internet With the World Wide Web at our finger tips, the sharing of information is almost instant.  Back in the day when the internet wasn’t what it is today, I felt lucky to get a few technicians to share ideas about the dent repair business.  However, today with numerous web sites dedicated to paintless dent repair, you can gain insight from technicians from all over the world.  While some views are self-promoting and skewed in providing accurate direction, you will be able to research such things as trends in dent repair tools and lighting systems for the paintless dent repair business. Additionally, you might find articles and advice for dent repair marketing, PDR pricing, insurance trends for paintless dent repair and hail catastrophe repair.  However one thing has not changed and that is unscrupulous individuals still prey on the uneducated. I’d like to think the internet has served to diminish the fly-by-night dent guys who make a pretty site, call themselves PDR mentors and coaches and provide for PDR training videos and off dent repair training when between a hail storm or worse yet on their own dent repair retail route. To offer training, companies must provide certified and audited financials and provide training in a state licensed and approved PDR training center. Obviously most people are unaware of this and “buy the cheapest training from a guy that will tell you what you want to hear.” Buyer beware is something I recommend when shopping for PDR training from the internet and rest assured news will travel fast and that company will soon be gone.

Dent Repair Tools While many of the basic shapes of PDR tools have remained the same, there have been a handful of significant refinements over the years.  The steel used to manufacture dent repair tools has improved for greater strength and longevity. When I got into the business, it wasn’t unusual for a tool to possess all the features that Ding King tools possess. They used to look pretty but were flimsy. If it was strong, it would quickly rust.  Today the proper blend of alloys has been developed to produce strong and durable tools that last for a very long time. Additionally, with the improvement in metal, smaller tools feature greater strength allowing greater access to difficult to reach areas.

Glue Pulling for Paintless Dent Repair When I first started in PDR, it wasn’t unusual to fix a hail car and have to leave a dent or two because of lack of access. The time we all spend trying to access those dents were exhausting!  Today glue pulling for PDR has allowed for us to fix dents and dings in cars quicker and with less access time.  While some of the first glue pullers were only used in certain situations, today’s glue pullers allow for more frequent use and have complemented the PDR technician greatly.

These are just a few of the areas that have changed over the past 16 years during my life in the PDR industry.  I’m sure the years ahead will bring even more exciting developments!
For more information, please visit http://www.dingking.com/

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I have been involved in the instruction of Paintless Dent Repair for over 15 years. I have had a variety of experiences over that time and am often asked by some of my students, “why do you love teaching Paintless Dent Repair, or why do you continue to teach Paintless Dent Repair after all these years.”?

I really love what I do and approach it with a great sense of responsibility and passion; after all, students that select The Ding King to attend Paintless Dent Repair courses with me as their PDR instructor are putting a great amount of trust in my ability to teach them the paintless dent removal trade. The PDR business has changed my life and I hope to teach your dent removal so you can improve your way of life as well!

The most rewarding thing to me is the people I get to meet week in and week out. I have worked with people from every possible background and experience. Some have been retired and are looking for a new challenge and others are just beginning their careers as a PDR professional.

I have had the opportunity to share in countless peoples lives and get to continue those relationships throughout the years.  I have met so many people and have been so enriched by knowing them and sharing in their journey. I know that it sounds sappy, but it really is one of the things that I enjoy most about what I do.

I also get to continue to learn PDR!  Like I said before, I have worked with countless people over the years and have learned so much from them. Sometimes it’s during the learning process, their experiences in another field that can translate to learning PDR, this opens ideas that I would have never thought of on my own. It can also be when they return home and begin using their PDR skills; their feedback allows me to continue to refine teaching methods to better serve those that I teach.

I love to see people succeed!  Most that I work with are looking at bettering their future and are taking the steps necessary to do that.  I get such satisfaction from seeing people succeed and knowing that I was a resource for them to reach their goals. Each week I get to work with people that are motivated to change themselves; they are great people to spend time with and are very inspiring. Some have already succeeded in business and are looking to expand by adding on PDR services to capture door ding and hail business, while others are just beginning the journey. To see Ding King graduate progression from PDR student to PDR business owner a few months down the road is very rewarding.

Another thing I love about teaching PDR is being creative. Learning PDR is like learning to play a musical instrument. There is a touch and a “feel” that you have to develop to be successful in PDR. Each and every student is so different. No one learns PDR the exact same way. Some learn PDR by doing, others by seeing, and still others by analyzing. Over the years, it has been a rewarding challenge to teach all types of different people and finding the thing that works the best for them. Even after fifteen years of instructing PDR, I still develop and refine my instruction to include more effective ways to communicate.

These are just a few of the things I love about what I do; PDR is a challenging field, as is teaching it.  But I love to come to work everyday knowing I am going to get to interact with people and help them to achieve their goals of making money in paintless dent repair.

For more information, please visit http://www.dingking.com         

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