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It should go without saying, that if you are thinking of, or running a mobile auto detailing business, you’re going to need insurance. Having insurance is the only way that you are going to be able to protect your business and personal assets. Speaking of personal assets, you can protect them by making your company an LLC. However, an LLC should not be an instead of insurance venture. You will still need insurance. Fortunately, the type of insurance you will need is really not that expensive. When you compare the cost of insurance against the cost of being sued, you will discover that the monthly payment for the insurance is quite all right. I really hate to mention this, but there a lot of people in this world looking to make a quick buck. The very ones you would never see as suspect in this are the very ones that will do it. The reason they sue you could be anything. Think about it, if Mc Donald’s can be sued for hot coffee, and lose, then your chances of being sued are hugely probable.

The type of insurance that you will need is called “Garage Keeper’s Liability”. This type of insurance covers you for both owning a garage for your work and mobile only work. You need to be covered while working on the customer’s vehicle and if you should have to move the vehicle, say from the owner’s garage to the driveway. Even if you never move the vehicle, you’re working on it and need coverage for that. Be sure that when you get your quote, that you ask to be covered for working on a vehicle, moving it, picking it up, and delivering it.

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Going to the type of Events that offer such a wide range of Workshops can be exciting and adventurous. There are so many, perhaps too many, choices but let’s face it, it’s better to have too many then not enough right? Following are a list of some of the Workshops to consider as I am sure that there will be additions in 2015.

1. How To Save Time and Money with Mobile Invoicing Software-Real World: This Workshop is on case studies on how to save money with electronic invoicing. How accounting integration, management reporting and tracking saves valuable time so you can concentrate on repairing vehicles, selling services and generating income.

2.  Building Your PDR Business with Technology & Data!: Learn how to gain an edge using estimating data to land more repairs. Explore free technology tools to get your mobile strategy started. Learn how to use mobile technology to stay connected to future work. Examine technology trends for the PDR industry and how it will impact your business. It is very important to examine all of your possibilities that are available to you. If there is anything out there that can make your life easier then surely you would want to know.

3.  Successful Customer Engagement: This workshop is about “How to create better customer experiences and customer interactions that drive repeat sales and brand loyalty”. This workshop will certainly help a person understand how to brand their business. Excellent Workshop for gaining tips and tricks to help you.

So as you can see, there are a lot of options available and so much to be learned. Most important, are your efforts to meet your peers and share ideas. Take numbers, cards, and everything else possible so that you can stay in touch. You could also consider joining NAPDRT. This is an organization that is comprised of other PDR Technicians. Check out the link and find out for yourself, you may like it.

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Starting perhaps in this post, I should really get down to sharing some of the course with you. These will be just a few but will hopefully peak your interest enough to get involved. Let me start by saying that these Events are sponsored by several different wholesalers and at least one other school that I know of. The school information should be of no concern to you since you have already graduated. So, let’s get started; one of the courses that I found quite interesting was; Additional Profit Center: Adding new business to your to business with glass repair. In this workshop you will learn how to add Glass Repair to your already existing PDR line up. If you have not taken this course in your original courses then perhaps this will encourage you to consider it.

You will learn how to add glass revenue to your business without distracting them from your core competency. If you have already taken a glass repair course with us, then this may be the perfect opportunity for you to learn how to introduce this into your normal flow of business. Most new graduates, especially if they have taken the entire ‘Total Recon’ course, are sometimes afraid of launching all of what they have taken in the beginning. This workshop will help you to add your additional courses without causing too much stress or pressure.

Eventually, you will feel more comfortable adding more of your line up of studied courses. You do need to add them though. Otherwise, you will not only lose the ability to perform the skill, but you will also never realize the full potential of the education that you have received.

If you have any questions, or would like to sign up to take the Windshield Repair Course, then please don’t hesitate to contact Ding King. We’re here to help.




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Once you have graduated, it is important that you align yourself with other PDR Technician’s, not only will it serve to provide you additional work (we will get into that later), but the most important reason is insight into your chosen industry. As with anywhere or anyone in life, you must try to watch out for those that would cast disparagingly upon Paintless Dent Repair. Those that have been unsuccessful at their business will join the ranks of the naysayers when in fact it is not the industry’s fault that the Technician does not know how to build his or her business. The business development side of your business cannot be forgotten and must be tended to the same way a garden or anything else that needs tending to. This part of the business is most difficult for someone who has never done that before. For example, if you have worked for someone else your entire working career, then you may not have ever had the appreciation or understanding of what goes into a company to be successful.

This, perhaps is the most important of your duties as an entrepreneur. In addition to that responsibility, to get back to where we should be, is to take on any type of industry updates and newly added methods of how to perform your duties. Your learning experience should extend far beyond your graduation and I am going to share just some of those possibilities with you.

When all is said and done, PDR Technicians do and should join forces to claim the nation. Your duty, as an entrepreneur, is to make safe your investment and your industry. There are those that are casting a dark shadow on this newly blooming industry and giving it a bad name. This happens in almost every industry that stands to gain from a natural disaster such as a hailstorm. There are those that will do sub-par work and undercut your prices to get the job. These are what you must fight against and separate yourself from. If you join forces with this type, then you are contributing to the demise of this industry. Think about it.


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I know I don’t have to tell you, if you are already a PDR Technician, that while it’s incredibly exciting to have graduated, there is also a sense of loneliness and even abandonment. While in classes you had a group of people around you offering suggestions, asking questions you were too afraid to ask, getting answers that you knew would settle your curiosity. Up until now, the information comes at you so fast, you feel as though you are in a whirlwind. You were quite busy in your classes, but now you are at home and the whirlwind of yesterday has now slowed to the slow drumming of rainfall outside your window. I know, that sounds a bit dramatic, but you know it’s true.

So what can you do? There are a number of things that you could be doing to build your business but for now, I want to address learning and sharing opportunities outside of your typical day of business development. There are organizations that you could be a part of that work diligently to stand by PDR Technician’s and offer up suggestions and further training that you could be the happy recipient of.

Annually, there is an event that has been running for 14 years called the “Mobile Tech Expo”. It is already past for the year 2014 as it was held in January. So now is the perfect time to plan for the year 2015. You can register online and gather more information but for now I would like share what types of things you will find at these Expo’s.

Thursday is traditionally meant to be a full day of training.  The day is chock full of informational type classes and it is up to you to choose which ones are the most important to your particular needs. I will share those courses with you in the next few posts so that you can get an idea of what the 2015 Mobile Tech Expo will look like.

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Dent Glue Pullers is yet another way to remove dents and compliments the entire Paintless Dent Removal Package. There are three different types of Pullers; the Bridge, the Side Hammer, and the Hand Lifter. These would be used for the more difficult to access areas and prove to be an excellent choice for hail dents. When adding this package onto your normal Paintless Dent Repair package, they provide greater versatility for removing big and small damage.

This package is extremely useful when you find yourself stuck and at a loss for what to do next. No one wants to walk away from a job not completely finished because you just couldn’t maneuver the tools correctly. Plus, if you are ever going to be able to confidently pitch an estimate for a job that may usually be out of the scope of size, this is the way to do that.

In other posts we talk about how much to charge for services and as you may already know, the normal PDR method costs you $0 in supplies. This will be much like that except for the cost of the glue that you will need to buy. Even then, it’s only a fraction of that cost for each use. So let’s say for arguments sake that it costs you a dollar. Surely you can see that this is still an unbelievable profit base for you.

PDR services are generally $125 for retail clients and $50 for wholesale clients. If you have nothing to pay out of pocket except for the nominal amount of glue you may use, you’re still taking home a very large amount of money in an hours time. The average car should take you anywhere between 10-30 minutes so worse case scenario, you would be able to do two cars in an hour. That means you take home $250 for one hours worth of work. Hopefully, you can see the benefits, this is huge!

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As an entrepreneur, it’s just in your nature to want to talk about everything that you have learned and everything you can do. You have a new leash on life and there’s just no denying that you are on fire! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being excited for your new PDR business, unless of course you can’t shut up long enough for the customer to tell you what they need. You need to harness that enthusiasm, and you will with some time under your belt. You will mature into your new found business but until then, consider the following when opening your mouth:

1.  When with a new customer, it’s a good time to shut it. Your only job at this moment, is to listen. That’s it, just listen. This is their time to share so give them the time and space to do it.

2.  When you have a customer that is unhappy with your finished result, do not under any circumstances retaliate. Do not allow yourself to get defensive, listen to what they have to say. Don’t be tempted to interrupt, just shut it. When the customer is finished venting, this would be a good time to respond thoughtfully and offer a solution that the customer can be happy with. With Social Media being what it is today, it will take only seconds for this customer to destroy every effort made to this point to build your business. One swift stroke of the keys and you’re finished.

In most every situation that could be mentioned, when it applies to your customers, shut it. Only speak when it is your turn and never ever try to out talk or over talk them. You will lose every time. It’s not about you, not even remotely. Put your customers first and you won’t be able to help how successful you will become. Get in touch with us if you have any questions “Ding King”.


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Car salesmen have gotten a bad wrap for BSing their customer’s. They are credited in movies everywhere in the world for telling lies to make a sale. This is not the image you want your business to be known for, not even for a minute. Anyone who is over the age of 16 knows when they are being lied to. They know when you’re telling a ‘Big Fish’ story. There’s just no point in even trying. It’s insulting to them and at the very least laughable.

Skip the whole ‘Pie in the sky’ speech and go straight for honesty. As a PDR Technician, there are just some jobs that you cannot do. It’s always good to stretch your skills to see just how far you can go, but not at the expense of your customer. There are dents that simply cannot be done with PDR Technology. It’s just not possible. So suggesting that you can is not just dishonest but it sets you up for failure.

You don’t have to charm your way to gain new customers, although a little charm would help. You’re not selling snake oil, you’re selling a truly valuable service that you should take great pride in. You don’t need to pour any special sauce, you just need to know your business and know your limitations. Give estimates that speak of the value your service offers. Don’t underbid yourself as customers will see that as a sign of someone who doesn’t value their trade. This creates suspicion. Don’t overbid your services because this just comes off as being full of yourself and your services. Only you can find the middle ground.

Investigate what your competitors are charging for the same services, understand your limitations, and always deal honestly being completely transparent so that your potential customers always know exactly what their getting for their money.

Any questions? Contact us at “Ding King”. We’re here to help.

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